Back to India!

Exactly one year ago we traveled to India to visit The Pillalu House. It was an incredible time for us as a team. As you all know from our past updates our goal since then has been to find a supporter for every child, raise money for a new facility as well as begin the stages of starting a social business.  Over the past year we’ve gone on tour with our band Liz and the Lions and had exhibitions of photographs and fine art paintings from our art series “Pillalu”. Through touring and exhibiting we were able to raise the finances to build a new Pillalu home and we also found 28 long term monthly supporters for each child! We’ve also made contacts with people who will help us with the beginning stages of the social business. 

Now we are prepared on Saturday, June 4th to go back to India and visit the house, the kids, and the long-term workers. This trip will be based on building the the next steps of The Pillalu House. We will be planning with the long-term workers about the structure of the project, meeting with architects to begin building the new facility, and meeting with our business advisor to talk about the longevity of The Pillalu House.

Philipp, a longer term YWAMer here in Nuremberg, is consulting us on the steps towards the social business and has connected us with an incredible group of people in India who are part of something called BAM: Business as Mission. They are local businessmen and women, who have a heart to reach India with the Gospel through business. “Business as mission is demonstrating what the Kingdom of God is like in the context of business – and as we do so, engaging with the world’s more pressing social, economic, environmental and spiritual issues.”- BAM

Our trip is June 4 - June 15. Please pray for us as it is 40C/105F in India! We need prayer with communication as we are having meetings daily with businessmen, locals, and architects about the future of The Pillalu House. For the time there to be enough; we have less than two weeks to accomplish so much! And of course for good health and good times!

Thank you to everyone who has supported us in the past and has seen our journey as a team partnering with The Pillalu House. We are excited to give you more updates with photos and stories as we come back from India.