People Not Poverty is the movement of Pick A Pocket. We are challenging artist around the world to use their art to raise awareness and to bring value and hope to people trapped in extreme poverty. To most people, poverty is a big, vague monster of injustice that seems unbearable to tackle or even put a dent in. But the heart behind Pick A Pocket is not to look at extreme poverty as a massive thing to overcome, but rather to approach it on an individual level; to focus on helping one person at a time. We desire to meet people where they are at, hear their story, and build a relationship with them before labeling them under any preconceived idea. We approach it in this way because ultimately, when we get to know a person and their story, suddenly we build a connection that allows us to become a part of their life and gives us a platform to share with them the hope that we have in Christ.Imagine if every artist decided to document one person’s story through whatever medium: photography, written word, paint, handmade art, etc. And imagine that they used this art to bring dignity back to this person, by showing them and others that their life matters, sharing the artwork in their community, or even selling it and giving the proceeds to the person who the artwork is created about. Imagine what could happen! People Not Poverty is a way for artists to get past the poverty and into the reality of the person! Take a look at the artworks below that were created by people from around the world that have used it and therefore have become a part of this movement. If you would like to join all of us in this, the task is simple: create a piece of artwork, using whatever medium you desire, that in some way supports someone in extreme poverty- whether it is telling their story or being used to financially support them. Then make sure to upload here to share with us and others the art you have created! Don’t know anyone trapped in extreme poverty? Feel free to create artwork based on the people that Pick A Pocket supports through our various partnerships. You can find more information about those partnerships on the Project page. Join the movement! Lets fight for people not poverty!